Pompeii Regio I (1) Insula 4.

Plan of entrances 1 to 28.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 4 of Pompeii Regio I to access the photographs. 

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Pompeii I.4.1               Pompeii I.4.2              Pompeii I.4.3              Pompeii I.4.4

Pompeii I.4.5               Pompeii I.4.6              Pompeii I.4.7              Pompeii I.4.8

Pompeii I.4.9               Pompeii I.4.10           Pompeii I.4.11            Pompeii I.4.12

Pompeii I.4.13            Pompeii I.4.14            Pompeii I.4.15            Pompeii I.4.16

Pompeii I.4.17            Pompeii I.4.18            Pompeii I.4.19            Pompeii I.4.20

Pompeii I.4.21            Pompeii I.4.22            Pompeii I.4.23            Pompeii I.4.24

Pompeii I.4.25            Pompeii I.4.26            Pompeii I.4.27            Pompeii I.4.28


Casa del Citarista or House of the Citharist or Casa di Apollo citaredo or House of the Lyre Player

      or Domus L Popidius Secundus (Augustianus). Domus of L Rapinasi Optati.      I.4.25      I.4.5      I.4.28

Fullonica of Passaratus and Maenianus      I.4.7

Caupona of Copiosus      I.4.11

Taberna D. Juni Proculi (D. Junius Proculus)      I.4.15

Casa del Pressorio di Terracotta      I.4.22

Thermopolium where a painting of gladiators was found      I.4.27