Pompeii Regio VI (6) Insula 15.

Plan of entrances 1 to 27.

Pompeii VI.15.1 House of the Vettii    Click Here

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Pompeii VI.15.21            Pompeii VI.15.22            Pompeii VI.15.23            Pompeii VI.15.24

Pompeii VI.15.25            Pompeii VI.15.26            Pompeii VI.15.27


Casa dei Vettii                         - Casa dei Vettii or House of the Vettii or Domus Vettiorum.

Casa dei Vettii                         - Casa dei Vettii or House of the Vettii back entrance or stables

Casa di Appuleia e di Narcissus - Casa di Appuleia e di Narcissus

Fullonica di Mustius                  - Fullonica of Mustius et Ovia

Casa di M. Pupius Rufus           - House of M. Pupius Rufus or Domus of the Sepunii

Domus of A. Caesius Valens      - Domus of A. Caesius Valens and N. Herrenius Nardus

                                                   or Casa del Focolare di ferro or Casa del Forno di ferro

Casa del Principe di Napoli        - Casa del Principe di Napoli or House of the Prince of Naples.

Casa del Compluvium               - Casa del Compluvium or Casa del Doppio Impluvio

Casa di Vedius Vestalis             - Casa di T. Vedius Vestalis

Casa della Matrona ignota        - Casa della Matrona ignota

Casa di Stlaborius Auctus          - Casa di Stlaborius Auctus

Casa di Cinnius Fortunatus        - Casa di Cinnius Fortunatus

Unnamed house                       - Unnamed house VI.15.23



When reading the description pages in the Notizie degli Scavi (NdS) for this insula please note there was some renumbering of the entrances as excavations proceeded.

NdS, January 1897, p.14, had a numbered plan of the houses excavated, from VI.15.2  to VI.15.10 on the east side.

NdS, May 1897, p.198, it stated that the space given the number 2 was not in fact a doorway, but part of the kitchen of No.3. Doorways VI.15.3 to 10 were thus renumbered VI.15.2 to 9.

NdS, June 1897, p.269, correctly shows VI.15.10, 11 and 12 on the continuation plan, but shows an unnumbered doorway between 12 and 13.  This unnumbered doorway was subsequently renumbered 13 and 13 was renumbered 14. The description of VI.15.13 in this part of NdS is thus describing VI.15.14.

NdS, November 1897, p.460 shows VI.15.13 to 18 correctly. The unnumbered entrance is now VI.15.13 and  the next entrance has been renumbered to VI.15.14.

On the west side of the insula on the plans, the houses are shown as Roman numerals as follows –

I     = VI.15.26

II    = VI.15.24

III   = VI.15.23

IV  = VI.15.22

V   = VI.15.21

VI  = VI.15.20

VII = VI.15.19