Pompeii Regio VIII (8) Insula 7.

Plan of entrances 1 to 34, including the Theatres, Temple of Isis, Triangular Forum and the Doric Temple.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 7 of Pompeii Regio VIII to access the photographs. 

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Pompeii VIII.7.1              Pompeii VIII.7.2              Pompeii VIII.7.3              Pompeii VIII.7.4

Pompeii VIII.7.5              Pompeii VIII.7.6              Pompeii VIII.7.7              Pompeii VIII.7.8

Pompeii VIII.7.9              Pompeii VIII.7.10            Pompeii VIII.7.11            Pompeii VIII.7.12

Pompeii VIII.7.13            Pompeii VIII.7.14            Pompeii VIII.7.15            Pompeii VIII.7.16

Pompeii VIII.7.17            Pompeii VIII.7.18            Pompeii VIII.7.19            Pompeii VIII.7.20

Pompeii VIII.7.21            Pompeii VIII.7.22            Pompeii VIII.7.23            Pompeii VIII.7.24

Pompeii VIII.7.25            Pompeii VIII.7.26            Pompeii VIII.7.27            Pompeii VIII.7.28

Pompeii VIII.7.29            Pompeii VIII.7.30            Pompeii VIII.7.31            Pompeii VIII.7.32

Pompeii VIII.7.33            Pompeii VIII.7.34


Gladiators Barracks or Caserma dei Gladiatori or Quadriporticus of the theatre      VIII.7.16

Little Theatre or Odeon      VIII.7.19      VIII.7.17      VIII.7.18

Large Theatre       VIII.7.20      VIII.7.21      VIII.7.27

Casa dello Scultore      VIII.7.24

Temple of Isis or Tempio di iside      VIII.7.28

Temple of Aesculapius or Temple of Zeus Meilichios      VIII.7.25

Samnite Palaestra or Palestra Sannitica      VIII.7.29

Triangular Forum      VIII.7.30

Triangular Forum Doric Temple      VIII.7.31

Triangular Forum Tholos with deep well      VIII.7.32

Triangular Forum Semi circular seat with sundial      VIII.7.33

Triangular Forum Altars and Tomb      VIII.7.34