Pompeii Regio IX (9) Insula 1.

Plan of entrances 1 to 34.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 1 of Pompeii Regio IX to access the photographs. 

Click on the entrance you want on the plan or click on a link below to reach the pictures.


Pompeii IX.1.1              Pompeii IX.1.2              Pompeii IX.1.3              Pompeii IX.1.4

Pompeii IX.1.5              Pompeii IX.1.6              Pompeii IX.1.7              Pompeii IX.1.8

Pompeii IX.1.9              Pompeii IX.1.10            Pompeii IX.1.11            Pompeii IX.1.12

Pompeii IX.1.13            Pompeii IX.1.14            Pompeii IX.1.15            Pompeii IX.1.16

Pompeii IX.1.17            Pompeii IX.1.18            Pompeii IX.1.19            Pompeii IX.1.20

Pompeii IX.1.21            Pompeii IX.1.22            Pompeii IX.1.23            Pompeii IX.1.24

Pompeii IX.1.25            Pompeii IX.1.26            Pompeii IX.1.27            Pompeii IX.1.28

Pompeii IX.1.29            Pompeii IX.1.30            Pompeii IX.1.31            Pompeii IX.1.32

Pompeii IX.1.33            Pompeii IX.1.34


Officina L. Livi Firmi      IX.1.5

House of Paccius Alexander      IX.1.7

Unnamed House       IX.1.12

Thermopolium / Caupona of Primus      IX.1.15       IX.1.16

House of M. Epidius Rufus or House of Diadumeni      IX.1.20

House of M. Epidi Sabini      IX.1.22

Casa del ‘Sodoma Gomora’      IX.1.26

Shop of Pacuvius Erasistratus      IX.1.27

Stable of Thesmus      IX.1.28