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Use the form below to search for documents in this Web site containing specific words or combinations of words.

The results of the search will appear in a separate window with two tabs shown at the top, Web and Image

Web:    The search results will show up to 10 results pages, with up to 10 documents on each page. The first line of each result is a direct link to the web page with that result.

Image: Up to 200 images will be shown with up to 10 pages of images. A short description and a link to the image page is shown to the right of each image.

The links to subsequent pages of results are shown at the bottom of the results.

Each result is a link to a matching document. if the document has a title it will be shown, otherwise only the document's file name is displayed.  The photograph displayed is not necessarily the first on that page. The link will take you to the start of the page from where you can scroll down to the search result.

File names take the format 90101.htm where this is the filename for IX.1.1.  The first number is the Pompeii Regio, the next two are the Insula and the last two are the house number.  Where there are several documents for a property then the file name will also contain p1 or p2 etc.

The search engine will only display a limited number of results even though it shows it has found many more. In this case you need to refine the search to narrow down to less than 100 results.


Query Language

Our search engine is powered by Google.  This search engine looks literally for exactly what you type in.

Julia Felix
finds documents containing 'Julia' and 'Felix'.
Documents found will contain both Julia and Felix, but they may not be adjacent words or necessarily the same person.

Julia or Felix
finds documents containing 'Julia' and 'Felix'
Julia OR Felix
finds documents containing either 'Julia' or 'Felix' including for instance Terentius Felix also.

Julia and Felix
finds documents containing 'Julia' and 'Felix'
Julia AND Felix
finds documents containing 'Julia' and 'Felix'

Julia not Felix
finds documents containing 'Julia' and 'Felix'

Wild cards, such as *, are not allowed in the search unfortunately.



Remember if searching for a house number that the first part of the number is in roman numerals I, II, III, IV etc so use IX.1.1 not 9.1.1.

If your search does not provide the answer you expect remember that there are a large number of variations on how properties were named. 

Try swapping Casa or House or Domus for example. 

Try Latin variations such as Holconi Rufi instead of Holconius Rufus.

Try different spellings such as Narciso or Narcisso or Narcissus.

Try swapping Italian or English alternatives such as Giuseppe for Joseph, Queen for Regina.

A shorter search with fewer words may work better sometimes.

The search engine may not yet have caught up with our changes, for instance, where we may have moved the text and picture onto one of the other pages for the same house, so look at these also.

Finally, If you find areas for improvement, please email us with the details.

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