II.3.3 Pompeii. Casa della Venere in Conchiglia or House of Venus in the Shell

or House of the Marine Venus or House of D. Lucretii Satrii Valentes. Room Plan.

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The room numbers are those referred to on the pompeiiinpictures pages for II.3.3. 

This plan is to help you locate the rooms shown in the photographs of this house. 

The plan also shows the location of the entrances at II.3.1/2 which are each shown on their separate pompeiiinpictures pages.


1: Fauces

2: Atrium

3: Room to east of entrance

4: Cubiculum

5: Room with two doorways to atrium and north portico

6: Triclinium

7: Room to west of entrance

8: Narrow room on east side of portico

9: Oecus

10: Blue cubiculum

11: North Portico

11: West Portico

11: South Portico, peristyle and garden with Venus in the shell painting

12: Room in north-west corner of peristyle garden

13: First room on east side of peristyle garden

14: Second room on east side of peristyle garden

15: Third room on east side of peristyle garden

16: Room in south-west corner of peristyle garden

17: Sacellum in south-east corner of peristyle garden

18: Small room with altar in south-east corner of peristyle garden

Altar room

Black triclinium

Blue cubiculum


Niche on south wall

Portico south

Portico north

Portico west


Venus in the shell, Mars, birds, fountain and garden paintings on south wall of garden


Please be aware that the room numbers shown reflect the sequence in which we photographed the rooms and will differ from any other plans or records both published and unpublished.