VI.9.6 Pompeii. Casa dei Dioscuri or House of Castor & Pollux.

Room plan.

Large peristyle Pseudoperistyle and east side

The room numbers are those referred to on the pompeiiinpictures pages for VI.9.6. 

This plan is to help you accurately locate the rooms shown in the photographs of this very large house. 

The house has been divided into three parts for ease of use.

Click on one of the three parts of the plan, or use a link below, to access the photographs.

The plan also shows the link to VI.9.7 and the blocked entrance at VI.9.9.

Please be aware that the room numbers shown reflect the sequence in which we photographed the rooms and will differ from any other plans or records both published and unpublished. 


Atrium area:

1:  Fauces

2:  Room to south of entrance that had a latrine and staircase

3:  Atrium

4:  Area leading to peristyle

5:  Cubiculum

7:  Room with slit window in south wall, overlooking peristyle

8:  Room to east of tablinum, with window to the garden

9:  Tablinum

10: Stairs to upper floor. Corridor to pseudoperistyle garden and east side rooms

11:  Room in north-east corner of atrium, with remains of supports for benches

12:  Room on north side of atrium, with coloured mosaic floor

13:  Room on north side of atrium, with recesses in east and west walls

14:  Room in north-west corner of atrium

15:  Narrow area on west wide of atrium, with small slit window

16:  Cubiculum with alcove and raised bed area


Pseudoperistyle and east side

10: Corridor to to front of house, with doorway to room 21

17:  Pseudoperistyle garden with aedicula lararium with painting of a panther

18:  Kitchen with wide latrine and stairs to upper floor

19:  Room on north side of garden area

20:  Room in north-west corner of garden area

21:  Room with window in north-west corner of garden area.

22:  Large exedra which was covered in a marble veneer

24:  Room with doorway from south of large exedra

25:  Room with doorway from room 24

26:  Corridor to rustic rooms 27 to 29

27:  Corridor to rustic room 29

28:  Rustic room

29:  Rustic room


Peristyle area

6:  Large peristyle with door to atrium of VI.9.7

23:  Room with vaulted ceiling in north-west corner of peristyle