VI.16.7 Pompeii. Casa degli Amorini Dorati or House of the Golden Cupids

or Domus Cn. Poppaei Habiti or House of Gnaeus Poppaeus Habitus.

Room Plan.

Click on any room number on the pompeiiinpictures interactive plan to go to the page with the pictures for that room or click on the links below.

A: Entrance Fauces

B: Hall or atrium

C: Cubiculum

D: Cubiculum or storage area

E: Tablinum

F: Peristyle north side with aedicula lararium and altar

F: Peristyle south side

F: Peristyle east side with Isis lararium in south east corner

F: Peristyle west side

F: Peristyle north west corner

F: Peristyle north east corner

F: Peristyle garden

G: Exedra or dining room?

I:  Room with glass discs depicting cupids, Cubiculum?

J: Storeroom

K: Latrine

L: Storeroom

M: Cubiculum

N: Cubiculum

O: Triclinium

P: Light well or light yard

Q: Cubiculum

R: Cubiculum

S: Courtyard

T: Room in south west corner of courtyard S

U: Corridor to back entrance of house

V: Kitchen

X: Latrine

Y: Room on the north side of corridor U, Cubiculum?

01: Stairway leading from the garden to rooms above shop VI.16.6

03: Cupboard


The room numbers are those referred to on the pompeiiinpictures pages for VI.16.7.

This plan is to help you accurately locate the rooms shown in the photographs of this house. 

In order to allow cross referencing in your research we have used the same room numbering as that used by Dr P M Allison in her book Pompeian Households: An Analysis of the Material Culture (Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, Monograph 42) and on the accompanying web site http://www.stoa.org/projects/ph/house?id=21 where detailed descriptions of the rooms and a database of finds can be found.

The plan shows the entrance at VI.16.38 and the location of VI.16.6.  According to Penelope Allison the area 01 on the plan "was taken up with a wooden stairway leading from the garden to rooms above shop VI.16.6". Today it has the appearance of a long, high and narrow corridor. 

Please be aware that the room numbers shown will differ from any further plans or records both published and unpublished.