VII.4.31/51 Pompeii. Casa degli Capitelli colorati or Casa di Arianna

or House of the Coloured Capitals or House of Ariadne.  

Combined Room Plan of VII.4.31 and VII.4.51.

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The room numbers are those referred to on the pages for VII.4.31/51 which cover all the rooms in both VII.4.31 and VII.4.51. 

This plan is to help you accurately locate the rooms shown in the photographs of this house. 

1      VII.4.31 fauces

2      Atrium

3      Cubiculum

4      Cubiculum

5      Cubiculum

6      Ala

7      Ala

8      Cubiculum

9      Cubiculum

10    Tablinum

11    Corridor to peristyle on east side of tablinum

12    Oecus

13    Corridor on west side of tablinum

14    Room with stone basin

15    Room in south-west corner of middle peristyle

16    Cubiculum with vaulted ceiling

17    Steps to upper floor

18    Exedra

19    Small anteroom on south side of room 20

20    Oecus

21    Triclinium

22    Exedra

23    Exedra

24    Oecus

25    Staircase to upper floor

26    Small room or cupboard

27    Cellar

28    Room on east side of middle peristyle, with bricked up niche

29    Apsidal exedra

30    Room on east side of middle peristyle

31    Room with wall painting of Theseus abandoning Ariadne

32    Anteroom connected to room 33

33    Room with high level niche in north wall

34    Open room north-east of tablinum

35    Room in south-east corner of north peristyle with window overlooking east portico

36    Kitchen and latrine

37    Exedra

38    Room in south west corner of north peristyle

39    Lararium room

40    Room on west side of north peristyle

41    Room on west side of north peristyle

42    Room on west side of north peristyle

43    Room with large plaster lined basin or vat

44    Room in north-west corner of north peristyle

45    Small room or cupboard in north-east corner of north peristyle

46    Small room (cubiculum?) on east side of north peristyle

47    Second small room (cubiculum?) on east side of north peristyle

48    Small room with remains of vaulted ceiling stucco

49    VII.4.51 Fauces

VII.4.51 entrance

Middle peristyle

North peristyle


Please be aware that the room numbers shown reflect the sequence in which we photographed the rooms and will differ from any other plans or records both published and unpublished.